Saturday, July 3, 2010


Thl is one is going to hurt-- both of us. You (if there is still a you" out there) and me because I am going to have to do someting awful, possibly many times. It is early in the morning. I could be reading the newspaper and drinkig a cup of coffee, neither of which would do the world harm. But instead, FOR REASONS THAT TOTALLY ELUDE ME (Italis) I am back here at the keyboard with a head full of so much nothing it makes a black hole look like a beach ball. (Does that analogy make any sense whatsover? It's the sort of thing I would add on editing. Am I editing as I write now?) I thik I owe it to you whether you are real or not to try to read this thing from beginning to end 1)to see if it s possible 2) if it is not, then pull the plug. There is only one question. Will I do this? It seems like such a chore as opposed to the clackety clak of just writing and not worrying abut whether it makes much sense or not. But it seems the adult, responsible thing to do and I hereby pledge I will make every effort to read what I have wrouht and give you my honest opionion. I am not sure how I am going to do this. I already use caps for my editorial comments and there is no red color and I can't find the italics. So I think I will give every critical mass a catchy title like CRITICAL MASS 1. When I finish all my critical masses, we will set down and talk, mano a mano and decide what I should do. No I decide what I should do. You decide what YOU should do (like split) and either way this all becomes a bad dream. I was thinking yesterday about a blogg app (have I said this already) that turns all your other apps into miasmas of self-doubt. Books are becoming apps anyway and BLOGG has to stay current. If there is a you and if you are still reading, may the Lord shine his everloving light on you and may all your children grow up to be President, even if you don't have any. May your dog never pee on your rug and may love and understand lead to all the other things in the first two lines of THE AGE OF ACQARIUS that I don't remember. I have to go edit now.

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