Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am in another place in a large room. There are strangers watching me type this. I must be wary that one does not look over my shoulder and steal a glance before this even gets posted. Would that be fair? Would that make you feel like a second class citizen when you are really beyond first class because you are reading BLOG? I have not even had my coffee yet though I almost dropped it due to the unfamiliarity of the surroundings. I am barraging you with details about my real life when previously I was barely admitting I have one if I do. There is an evil genie churning in me saying that I could tell you all the details of my life and it would make not one iota of difference since they are nearly as meaningless and boring as the details of BLOG. But no, at least for the time being I shall clutch my personal reality privately to my heart. It provides the fuel which enables me to transmogrify it into BLOGG, the keeper of all nothingness. It makes me feel like I am working on a secret government project. If BLOGG succeeds perhaps it can be turned into a weapon. Or an app. There could be a BLOGG app that takes the meaning out of your other apps so you personally can see what it feels like to spend your life churning this shit out. It ain't pretty. It's occasionally amusing (at least to me) but that's a high price for a human to pay. I must stop before I inadvertently reveal where I am an ruin everything regardless of the fact that it will have no effect. Care must be taken. This is fragile. Who is that large woman staring at me over her shoulder?

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