Monday, July 5, 2010


Somewhat inconceivable but this may be my stupidest entry of all. If I can't figure out how to use the italics (I am assuming they have them), then the grand design of this whole blog may be compromised. There is a little thingy in the top row of blogger that looks like a letter in italics. Here is what happens when I try to use it. kk/em> I suppose this means that everyone in the world except me knows what the ems mean. I have tried typing between them, inside them and I can't get my italics. If I go into "help" or something like that then you probably never will see me again. Should I try "edit html?" What could be worse. Nothing happened. I do not know how to insert my italic tags. This may just seem like stupidity and it probably is. There are any number of people I can call who I am certain will tell me what to do. But before that I should tell you the purpose of the italics which is to institute a third section, which, unlike the capital letters section which is editing individual posts, will be commenting on the entire concept because we have come to a point where I either have to justify this and continue doing it for the rest of my life or saying "goodbye, what were you on." Since capital letters were already taken, I thought italics would do the job, although a more complicated alternative would be to number these ubersections of which I do not think there will be too many. I could spend the next two hours trying to find the fucking italics but I think it will effect the blog in a weird way. So I think I will just tune out, do my regular edits, and hopefuly have the sense to call someone who will tell me how to do this very simple thing. Take the rest of the day off.

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