Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is going to be so painless you won't feel a thing even if you have been woefully wounded in the past. I went to a computer store last night and was well on the path toward learning how to use the italics (it has something to do with HTML) and I thought, "Fuck it. This is no way worth the time and numbers are better anyway."

The purpose of introducing a third skein was to simply judge the first two, and then either end the bloody thing or continue forever. I think it makes more sense to call this third set "chapters" and give them numbers and say I will introduce one every ten to twenty pages (chapter 1, chapter 2-- I get the feeling you've done this kind of thing before). In the chapters I will comment on the concept, my original comments, my editorial comments, my intentions and life in general. Perhaps the chapters will be so perky and distinct I'll be able to do away with the rest of all this shit. You realize that this means my going back and reading my first post (and I will try to read ten or twenty posts at a pop to get the narrative flow) while I continue to write new posts and edit the old ones. It is conceivable that new posts added after I have started the chapters will be influenced by things I hated in the first posts, such, for example, as the word "innumerable," which, for some reason I find inordinately ugly. (The same for "inordinately). I feel in complete control of the structure of Blogg now as if I were in front of the Big Screen in Battlestar Gallactica which should be italicized. This has not really been a post, although it is probably been no less postier than most of the other entries so we will call it a post. I have not yet decided when I will start adding the chapters but it will be soon, before I forget I said I would add them. So no matter what kind of shit befalls your life today, you have something to look foward to, Life. I just love it.

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