Sunday, July 4, 2010

eA Whole New Direction Possibly the Beginning of the End

OH MY GOD, I AM EDITING THE POST I JUST POSTED. I CANNOT CONTROL THE EDIT POSTS FUNCTION. SHALL I REALLY EDIT SOMETHING I WROTE FIVE MINUTES AGO? WHY THE FUCK NOTIt's obvious, even to me that this can't go on much longer in its present form. I don't know what's more excruciating, writing it or reading it. I think I've proven whatever point I set out to prove and if I did this for 500 more days I don't think I would prove it any more strongly. Floss after each meal. Just kidding. I'm already editing the old posts but I feel like some kind of structural thing is in order. Truth be told, I have not read any of this past the first entry. I feel that as punishment, if nothing else, I should be forced to. Now if I could find the fucking italics on blogger it would make it easier for me to have a third thing going.You just sit there for a minute while I look. If the post ends with this sentence it means I didn't find it and disconnected myself in which case I will count this as a post because I don't feel like writing the same idiitic thing again. Here goes. I just pushed the italics tab and got the ems you see. Why do they make it so fucking complicated. Let me try bold. Now it's just saying strong. Fuck this unles I play with it later. One way or another ( I may have to resort to numbered posts), I will read them all and periodically inform you as to what I feel I have or have not accomplished, possibly while I continue to write regular new posts and edit the old ones. It all will land at an end point eventually, I promise and then I will go out and buy an ipad so I can damage myself in other ways. I have no handwriting left. I can only write letters by typing them on computer and printing them when I can get my printer to work which is infrequently. I think this all heads to some kind of unwritten mental transmission at some point. Perhaps in 50 years all our heads will have keyboards. What a wondeful world it will be. Stay tuned.I am not sure which of these idiotic choices I am going to adapt and I have not given up on italics and bold. That's why God invented young people-- so they can show me how to navigate this shit and then go home and laugh at me.MY EDITORIAL COMMENT IS THAT IT IS REMARKABLE WHAT AN EARNEST TONE THE WRITER MANAGES TO WORK UP AS IF SOMETHING IS REALLY TAKING PLACE. AND IT IS. THIS. I WONDER WHERE MY NEXT EDIT POSTS WILL TAKE ME. MAYB SOMEWHERE WITH ITALICS.

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